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The Uncaged Clinician

Mar 24, 2021

This week Uncaged Clinicians, Josh Payne goes solo to interview our guest Willam Schopp. Willam is the owner of The Movement Schopp. His belief is to Optimize Human Sustainability and give active people direction with resolving their injuries & discomforts without the use of pain meds, injections, or unnecessary surgery, so they can continue to enjoy an active, fulfilled life for as long as possible! He believes freedom is the most powerful possession in our life. 

William will touch on such topics as:

  • Fast transition from new grad to business owner
  • Niche down and going all-in
  • What struggles did he face after starting a business
  • A quote to help you conquer imposter syndrome
  • Navigating work and life
  • Allowing yourself peace and quiet

Reach out to William:
Instagram: @themovementschopp

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